Is mustard good for you?

Yellow mustard has become popular because of its strong, spicy and unique flavor. It is widely used as a condiment in sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers and salads around the world. Mustards are rich in vitamin C, protein, fiber and  B complex vitamins. The question always comes down to- is mustard good for you ? It has multiple health benefits for the body for example, relieves muscular pains, respiratory disorders, helps in treating cancer and diabetes. There are a wide variety of mustard plants such as the mild white mustard that often grows in North Africa, Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East. The oriental mustard which is originally from the Himalaya is grown commercially in Canada, India, the United Kingdom, the US and Denmark. The black mustard is grown in the United States, Argentina, some European countries and Chile. Here are some of the health benefits of mustard,

Helps fight uterine cancer and Improves cardiovascular health

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Mustard seeds have chemo-preventative potential and provides protection against the harmful effect of carcinogens. Mustard oil can reduce the risks of heart attack. The health properties of mustard oil attributes to the omega-3 fatty acid. Therefore, is mustard good for you ? Consume it with your food, you will get your answer.

Helps improve bone strength

Selenium is found in large quantities in mustard. It improves your bone health by adding strength and durability. The minerals strengthens the hair, nails and teeth. This essential nutrient is also rich in  antioxidants. One tablespoon of mustard contains around twenty one percent of daily recommended selenium.

Helps you sleep better at night

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Mustard helps you to sleep better at night. It contains magnesium which is known to improve the quality, tranquility and duration of sleep. Mustard also helps in regulating the metabolism, reduces sleep disorders and insomnia.

Now the question comes down to- is mustard good for you ? As we all know that psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder, but according to The Journal of Dermatology, mustard seeds are extremely effective in curing the lesions and inflammation associated with psoriasis. According to a study, mustard seeds also stimulates enzymes like glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase, which in turn promotes healing. The antibacterial properties of mustard seeds have also been proven effective in curing the lesions caused by ringworm. Application of mustard seeds on skin helps in soothing any of the  symptoms associated with ringworm. The mustard oil which is extracted from the mustard seeds contains nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acid, calcium and omega-6 fatty acid that are essential for stimulating hair growth.